About this shop

Hello and welcome to our shop! Why this shop?

In 2022, we conceived the idea of offering international exchange students a unique place to stay during their exchange semester(s) in Riga, and in the summer, we extended this offer to all individuals visiting Riga.

Our goal was not only to ensure that students have a fantastic time but also to facilitate their learning about Latvian culture, ensuring they return home with special memories of Riga. To achieve this, we crafted distinctive designs for our apartments, incorporating elements like the iconic Freedom Monument, which symbolizes one of Latvia’s core values: Freedom!

After guests expressed interest in purchasing products featuring our designs, such as posters and coffee mugs, we decided to launch this shop.

If you want to learn more about Coliving Residences, please visit our website: coliving-residences.com

Enjoy shopping! If you have ideas for more products or design elements, please let us know.